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Vintage Racing Motors was formed in 1989 and has been operating continuously for over 23 years to provide complete vintage racing services to a wide variety of friends and customers who share our joy in owning, driving and racing both the great and the simply fun performance automobiles that were created between the turn of the century and the mid-1970's. We are based in Redmond, Washington, about half an hour's drive from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and within easy reach of both Pacific International Raceways and the new Ridge racetrack near Olympia.

Our crew encompasses skills and experience including professional race team operations, national and international "real racing" and driving, engine and gearbox rebuilding, chassis setup and development, even "industrial archeology" - the art of figuring out and reconstructing lost or badly damaged mechanical systems where replacements or even drawings are not available for reference. Our enthusiasm and skills fill the entire range of the collector car passion, with particular emphasis on the vintage competition side.

Vintage Racing Motors, Inc. is a Pacific Northwest based full-service vintage racing and collector car sales and support company. Our passion is the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of the great racing and adrenaline cars of the 20th century. We offer our customers a complete array of services.

  • Race car preparation
  • Full mechanical restoration and repair
  • Expert engine and gearbox rebuilding
  • Chassis & suspension setup and optimization
  • Tuning and chassis dynamometer services
  • Enclosed auto transportation
  • Complete trackside support
  • Driver coaching
  • Vintage racing car sales
  • Collector car sales
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