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Lotus 15 1958

Chassis #610-2

Engine: Climax FPF, 2-liter. #31121-102

Carburetion: 2x Weber 48 DCOE

MGA case with straight cut close-ratio synchro gears (four speeds plus reverse)

Lotus case with Sprite internals, Quaife LSD

Frame: Tubular mild steel

Body Material: Aluminum

Brakes: Girling/AP disc front and rear

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Colin Chapman mostly concerned himself with small displacement racers, but built the Lotus 15 to compete effectively against the Ferraris, Listers, and the like of the late-50's. Though only 2-liters, the Lotus 15 is easily capable of competing against much larger-displacement cars through a combination of lightness, agility, and excellent handling. This car was originally sold to Pete Lovely and has a long and well-documented history. It has a new and correct alloy body and is ready to run at the front of any 1950's vintage grid.



  • Sold new by Lotus to Pete Lovely in late 1958, campaigned by Lovely in west coast racing beginning January 1959.

  • Sold to Ralph Ormsbee in winter 1959 and campaigned by him in Pacific Northwest races through 1962.

  • Sold in winter of 1962 to George Sabin of Autosports Northwest in Portland and driven by Paul Scott through the end of 1963.

  • Sold to Fred Sutliffe sometime in late 1960's.

  • Next known to be with Chris Drake in the UK in the early 1980's, who restored to vintage correct trim.

  • Bob Fergus purchased it in the mid 1980's and raced it in vintage competition through 1998.

  • Sold from Fergus' estate to Tucker Morse in 2000 and raced by him through 2002.

  • Sold to company associated with VRM in December 2003 and has been with owners associated with us ever since. A complete history by W.E. Colson is detailing the period 1958-2001 is available.



  • The Lotus has been stored and professionally maintained by VRM without interruption since early 2004, and complete maintenance records are available. It was raced sparingly (5 events) through 2006, then given a complete engine rebuild in the spring of 2007 along with new Leda adjustable shock absorbers at the rear. The engine and chassis have had 8 events since then.

  • In early 2010 it was decided that the body was incorrect in many details and way too heavy due to excessive damage repair over the years, so a new and correct aluminum body was constructed and fitted. The Lotus has not been used on the track since the completion of the new bodywork and is pristine and ready to race.

  • The engine has 10 hours since rebuild, has excellent compression and leakdown numbers, and produces 160 HP at the wheels (on our chassis dynamometer), about 180 at the flywheel.



  • An extensive supply of racing spares is included with the Lotus, including a complete differential assembly (to facilitate "long" vs. "short" track conversion), a set of Lotus "wobbly" wheels, and various appropriate racing consumables for a Lotus 15 (brake pads, u-joints, half shafts, stub axles, etc.)
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